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Eye exams in Bronx

Bronx eye shop
Bronx eye shop

If you haven’t had an eye exam in awhile, you should schedule an appointment with an experienced eye doctor at our Bronx eye shop as soon as you can. Getting an annual eye examination at a high-quality eye care practice like Metro Optics is important to do even if you aren’t experiencing any symptoms or vision problems.

There is a great misconception that eye exams are only necessary if there are noticeable vision problems or if there is an acute eye problem such as an eye infection. However, that is not the case at all. Everyone needs to get a regular comprehensive eye exam; no matter how old they are. You should go to a quality Bronx eye shop to see the eye doctor for an eye exam approximately every year. The only exceptions are if one has eye problems unless the eye doctor recommends a different eye exam schedule. When you get you eye exam on a regular basis, it allows the eye doctor enough time to detect eye diseases or conditions quickly enough for early diagnosis and treatment. Early treatment of eye conditions is essential because conditions are easier to treat in the early stages and early treatment allows for the best possible outcome. Also, many eye conditions don’t have any symptoms until the advanced stages. When you come for your comprehensive eye exam, your eye doctor will evaluate you for many things. The exam is a not only a vital tool for measuring your vision health but also, your overall eye health. The exam extends well beyond assessing you for refraction errors, so he can provide you with an eyeglass prescription or contact lenses. Your eye doctor will evaluate you for serious eye diseases and conditions, such as glaucoma and cataracts that left untreated can steal your eyesight.

Don’t wait to schedule your eye exam. Contact our Bronx eye shop right now to schedule your appointment.

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