Country Club eye exam

Country Club Eye Exam

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Metro Optics is your number one eye doctor for a Country Club eye exam or vision screening. If you’re not sure what the difference between an eye exam and a vision screening is, read on to learn more.

An eye exam checks the eyes for potential eye disease and the structure of the eye as well as pressure. Diseases such as glaucoma are found due to abnormal pressure in the eye. Patients should try to come in at least once a year for their eye exams, because it’s important to keep abreast on their prescriptions as well as to keep their eyes healthy. If you’re over the age of 35 or 40, you should definitely come in for a Country Club eye exam to make sure that your eyes are healthy. If you notice blurriness or trouble seeing at night or driving, it may mean that you may need glasses. We have eyeglasses and contact lenses both, the preference depends on what the patient’s needs are and what kind of eyewear they choose to use.

Some people like to wear contact lenses only and have a slight nearsightedness, and only want to wear glasses for driving or on the weekends. Still others may need glasses full time, and may opt to wear eyeglasses or have contact lenses. Our optical department has many frames in different varieties for you to choose from after you’ve had your Country Club eye exam done, as well as contact lenses such as daily disposables, and extended wear lenses. Ask one of our staff members the difference between our different types of contact lenses. They can let you know what might be best for you and what is a good fit after your consultation. We create prescriptions right on site after your comprehensive vision screening.

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