Country Club eye exam

Country Club Eye Exam

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Country Club eye exam
Country Club eye exam

Although a vision screening and a Country Club eye exam are both essential tools in maintaining eye health, they’re very different. A vision screening is a very basic and brief test. It’s used to identify people who are at risk for vision problems. It’s not supposed to be a substitute for a comprehensive eye examination; which is a very thorough exam.

Although a vision screening is a very basic exam that can’t replace a comprehensive Country Club eye exam, it has its benefits. One big advantage of a vision screening is its cost-effectiveness. A vision screening is an efficient and cost-effective way to identify children with visual impairments and eye conditions that can likely lead to vision loss. Patients who are identified as having a possible vision issues are then referred to an appropriate eye care professional to be further evaluated and treated. The American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus says that the main objective of a vision screening is to identify children who are at risk for developing amblyopia. It’s crucial to detect Amblyopia when children are young because the condition can lead to permanent vision impairment if it’s not treated during childhood. There are other eye conditions that can also be detected with vision screenings including but not limited to: eye misalignment, drooping eyelids and refractive errors. There are many states in America that require a documented vision screening or comprehensive eye examination before children begin school. Unlike comprehensive eye examinations that must be done by a professional eye doctor like ours at Metro Optics, vision screenings are typically performed by pediatricians and school nurses who later refer children for a comprehensive eye exam if a problem is identified. Unlike vision screenings, comprehensive eye examinations are very thorough exams that are done to diagnose and treat eye diseases and conditions.

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