Electronic eyewear in Throggs Neck

Electronic Eyewear in Throggs Neck

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Major advances in technology are changing the way we see. Today, eyewear has a wide variety of high technical uses and the field is continuing to advance rapidly. When you visit a high tech optical place like Metro Optics, you will find numerous amazing electronic eyewear in Throggs Neck products that are available.

There is a wide range of new vision technology available today. Electronic eyewear in Throggs Neck has a wide variety of uses that includes wearable technology used for 3-D entertainment, medicine, and social media. Video sunglasses allow people to record as they bike ride or walk because the sunglasses have a built in video camera. Virtual reality visual glasses allow people to enter a whole new world through a virtual reality platform. There are also special eye glasses used to watch 3-D that create an all-digital personal theatre audio visual experience. Virtual reality video glasses create a 3-D movie atmosphere wherever you go. Although the social media and entertainment electronic eyewear advances are great, many believe that electronic eyewear has impacted the medical field the most due to the most amazing life-changing innovations. A great example of this is Empower Life Activated Eyewear which is a great alternative to progressive lenses. This new technology automatically activates the near focus prescription only when needed. Another amazing new product & revolutionary technology is changing the lives of the legally blind. ESight 3 is an engineering breakthrough that allows the legally blind to actually see! Although it does not work on those who are completely blind, it allows low vision; people with some peripheral vision to see clearly. It has enabled the legally blind to become more independent and has helped them in areas of education, work and other life activities.

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