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Designer Eyewear in Throggs Neck

One of the best things that you can do to protect your eyes is to wear 100% UV protected sunglasses. Many people believe that sunglasses are just a cool accessory, and while this may be the case, sunglasses are integral when it comes to preserving your overall eye health. Here at Metro Optics of Throggs Neck we can provide you with the prescription and non-prescription eyewear you need that will look great and protect your eyes at the same time.

Many of us are aware of the damaging effects of the sun’s rays during the summertime. What many people may not be aware of is the fact that the sun can do considerable damage to your eyes, not just your skin – and the risk is present all year-round, not just in the warmer months. Sun damage is usually associated with sunburn and skin cancer, but the sun can do similar damage to your eyes and impact your eye health. Wearing sunglasses with 100% UV protection is just like wearing protective sunblock. These lenses will protect your eyes from the damaging effects of the sun’s rays, but it is important that you wear them all year round – your eyes are exposed to the sun no matter what time of year it is. Here at Metro Optics, we can provide you with prescription or nonprescription lenses with 100% UV protection that will guard your eyes from distracting glare and from harmful UV rays that can damage your vision over time.

If you want to take the best care of your eyes and preserve your vision, you need the right eyewear. At Metro Optics, we can provide you with a comprehensive annual eye exams to make sure your prescription is up-to-date, and screen for diseases of and damage to the eye. We can also provide you with the eyewear you need throughout the year. Come by and visit our store, or call us to schedule an appointment today.

Throggs Neck Eyewear

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